Friday, June 01, 2007

Cribbing no more

Following on from my posting of yesterday, there seems to have been a crisis-summit at Tory HQ. No longer in their news section do they have the plagiarised article I mentioned. Which leaves them with nothing to say about the defections or the Witney Wonder's bold visit into enemy territory, that is, Oxford. What have they got to hide?

Two final thoughts. First, it's encouraging to know that my blog can appeal beyond the happy band of brothers and sisters who are true Liberal Democrats and is apparently monitored by the Tories. Second, I wonder whether the royalties cheque is winging its way even now from the Conservative party to the journalist they cribbed.


Jock Coats said...

I wondered if perhaps it was the other way around. Not plagiarism, but that the Oxford press had swallowed the Tory press release word for word. After all, surely nobody could have maintained a straight face whilst writing that Dr MacGregor was seduced by Tory NHS plans and Sargent suckered by their climate change policies.

Liberal Neil said...

They have, though, left their rebuttal page up with the choice quotes:

"we believe in words not actions"

and, my personal favorite:

"We do not beleive that it should be the role of the Council to organise activities for young people"