Thursday, August 23, 2007

You must read this blog: it's official

I learn today in the press that this blog is a 'must-read'. That's according to a shady character known only as The Insider, the political gossip columnist of The Oxford Mail. I'll take approbation from anywhere.

What particularly caught the eye of The Insider -- who, by the way, I imagine to be a debonair and suave femme fatale (you can tell just from prose style) -- was my poll. But more of that another time.

Considering it's been over a fortnight since I've found a moment to scribble here, I'd say the message is less a 'must-read' to everyone else, but a 'must-write' to myself.


Jock Coats said...

Interesting that s/he thought that it was "unsurprising" that 12% voted for Milt though...:)

Emma said...

I liked your idea so much, I stole it and put it on my own blog. I hope that's not an infringement of copyright.

David Rundle said...

Is that the Emma of UNISON fame? It is indeed! I hadn't realised that you were in the blogosphere -- excellent to find you here -- but there again I didn't realise that you were about to become a mother, which some might think more significant. In response to your comment, let's just say that I am pleased to have provided the germ for your stroke of genius. Though a desert island full of socialists: l'enfer, c'est les autres.