Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If it goes on like this...

So, all credit to the silver-haired lethargo for having an organised campaign. Chris Huhne declared this afternoon and is already sending me an e-mail. Impressive, considering he couldn't have known this eventuality would arise before Monday.

And it's not even as if it was a foregone conclusion that he'd stand: after all, as he tells me (and every other LibDem whose address is available), he talked about it with 'family and friends'. Groan. First misjudged cliche' of the e-mail.

And what's this? 'It's disgusting that we live in a country where a child born into poverty has a life sentence.' That's a new take on ASBOs. But 'disgusting'? Sounds like he's eaten something highly unsavoury. He could have tried: 'we should hang our heads in shame that we live etc etc' And 'has a life sentence'? It may come as a surprise but being poor doesn't necessarily mean you're a natural born killer. We know what you mean, Chris, just about -- but it's unlikely most people would untwine your opaque phrasing.

It sounds to me as if he needs to get some good speechwriters around him. He's quick of the mark, but has he tied his shoelaces?


Paul Walter said...


A quick google for "Lethargo" came up with either a foreign word meaning "lethargy" or a Marvel Comic Super Hero which I couldn't find any details on.

Could you illuminate me on the meaning of this word and its appropriateness for the Huhnester?

I ask this from a purely literary point of view.

David Rundle said...

A coinage, I admit -- a nonce-word, to date. But I thought it more apt than the noun for which silver-haired is the conventional epithet. It would be impolite to suggest he was a Lothario; after all, it is more damning to accuse a man of being licentious than lethargic. Though languid would, I must say, be more appropriate for the only contender yet in the ring.

Paul Walter said...

I like it, David - a bit of language creation. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

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